Be different: Your next pitch or business meeting

Be different: Your next pitch or business meeting

by Mark Carson


Many of us start-up’s / SME companies are always competing. My football team, Everton (cue the abuse) put out to tender for an Architect to build their new £500mil stadium. They chose Dan Meis, as the architect to design the stadium. Here is Everton’s CEO on the reasons why;

“He wants to do something that’s different, that’s progressive, that looks forward and doesn’t look back."

Dan has bought into the city, Dan has bought into Everton and he’s bought into the vision in a really big way and he was up against a number of major, perhaps more well-known, architects and he came through a really rigorous selection process based on the passion he had, the homework he’d done on the club, the homework he’d done on the city and the passion he had for the project. He won it hands down with us feeling: ‘Here’s a guy who is going to make something really, really special and here’s a guy who knows how special this is".

So, for your next big pitch / meeting maybe take some of Dan’s trait’s:

- Do something that’s different
- Have a vision
- Be progressive
- Have passion for what you do and your client
- Do your homework
- Look forward

Many of the these we share with Dan and try to follow here at Discovered and over the past year we have competed (with the bigger guys and girls), won and delivered.

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