Benefits - What do employees want & what can employers offer these days?

Benefits - What do employees want & what can employers offer these days?

by Mark Carson


Recently I’ve seen quite a few posts from various businesses offering 'great' or 'expectational' benefits, such as free fruit, free coffee, Netflix, a pool or football table, dress down, one boasting that they play music in the office and another that they have a fancy coffee machine (but then makes the employees pay for their own capsules).

The global employee landscape is shifting, so as we begin 2019 are these actually benefits? Whilst we provide all of the above at Discovered, we don’t class these as benefits, just a part of a good working environment for our people. I have been privileged to work with some great recruiters over the years and what they really want most is flexibility and trust, you give this to a good recruiter and they’ll be sure to give you 100% in return.

At Discovered we want to experiment, learn and take ideas from our clients, take risks and most importantly, put our trust in to the team. We don’t chain our consultants to their desks with unachievable KPI’s and high thresholds, we aim to provide meaningful benefits, by providing the following:

Ability to work remotely

We recruit talent across the world and have clients globally too, so with the power of Cloud, Video, WhatsApp, Slack and not forgetting the good old fashioned phone, why should our employees be stuck between 4 walls all year? Whether it’s a month over Xmas spending time with loved ones, working from a beachside retreat or fit-camp to escape the Dubai summer, being able to not miss out of wedding season, or just simply working from ‘home’ wherever that may be - we provide all the tools, such as a cloud based CRM, personal MacBook and mobile phone allowance so that you can take your work anywhere in the world (with Wi-Fi) and truly work remotely.

Flexible working hours

What are you - a night owl or early bird? With us, you have option to start early, finish early or start late and finish late.

Work from home one day a week

Did you spend the evening at that networking event? Is there a gym-class you don’t want to miss? Do you have family over, or an important home delivery? Then you have the option to work from home and manage your day around what you have on. 

Provide flexible terms of business

There’s nothing worse than as a Consultant you can’t work with a client due to something in the terms causing a stumbling-block with your employer, we make sure this isn’t the case, meaning you won’t be restricted to who you can and can’t work with.

Pick which 5 of the 7 days you want to work

This is ideal when you have a deadline to meet, want to target a certain country or you are simply the tour guide for your visiting family or friends.

No thresholds

Earn on all the revenue you bring into the business, it’s only right that you are paid for all the hard work you put in to delivering an excellent client service.

30 days holiday

We know that you work in a high pressure environment, recruitment isn’t a walk in the park, so you do need time to relax and recharge, catch up with family or go on that epic trip you worked hard and been saving for! 

Weekly training

You can’t move forward if you’re standing still, so we are constantly challenging, upskilling and improving our staff with regular training sessions and workshops.

Opportunity to own a stake in the business

Work with us, grow with us and own with us, we truly reward for helping our business grow.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget those standard one's too - free fruit and snacks, free coffee (with the capsules provided) and tea, Netflix, PlayStation, table football, dress down every day and yes, we play music.

As we look towards this years benefits trends, Discovered will be at the forefront of introducing even more benefits for our team as we grow. I’m interested to know what other companies are doing to offer their employees a great a working environment and flexibility...