Digital Marketing Tools for 2019

Digital Marketing Tools for 2019

by Nathan Greene


We’re 6 weeks into 2019. Time – as always – is flying! However, technology and tools for digital marketing moves even faster. According to the “ Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic”, there are now an incredible 6,829 technology solutions/vendors available that businesses can utilize…

Across the spectrum of analytics through to social media marketing, I’ve compiled a top 3 list of digital marketing skills and related talents, marketing leaders will need to hire or develop so they can future-proof their teams.

Utilizing Digital Marketing Analytics

The point of digital marketing analytics — different from “web analytics,” which focus on website performance — is to reveal the performance and ROI of all your digital marketing channels­ and activities. This includes social media, email marketing, blogs, SEO and so on. Digital marketing analytics can tell you how each channel performs relative to the others, track customers throughout the buyer’s journey, and even attribute specific marketing activities to revenue. And with the overwhelming number of marketing technology solutions available, you can now track analytics on almost anything.

Understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As AI-based marketing solutions learn more every day, marketers will harness them to create more awesome customer experiences. As your digital marketers ramp up on each new AI-based marketing solution, they may also need to work differently by considering micro-segmentation. By analyzing customer behavior over time and across different channels, AI will help digital marketers understand customers at more granular levels, enabling even greater personalized content and campaigns.

Understanding of Voice Search & SEO

SEO will continue to play an important, albeit changing, role in your digital marketing mix. By 2020, numerous predictions state that around 30% of internet searches will be activated through voice and won’t require a keypad or touchscreen. Over time, this shift to voice search will change SEO strategy and tactics, and the skills necessary to implement them.

Search engines will start to return information differently from a typed query to a spoken query. Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri will provide answers to your questions, referencing the website containing the answer. You’ll need digital marketers who understand this shift and can optimize your content accordingly.

So, there you have it. Through extensive research and invaluable insights from my clients and candidates, I hope this article will add value to my network. I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the recommended tools, and how you’re currently (or planning) to implement them.