WhatsApp - Professional or Personal?

WhatsApp - Professional or Personal?

by John Richardson


It's 2019, there’s 101 different ways in which we can communicate with each other, however in business, the standard and somewhat prehistoric way is and has always been via email and phone. But in a time where everyone is so busy but always on their smart phone, should we not be using more current and convenient ways to communicate?

In the modern workplace, Slack workspaces and channels have replaced the old-school email chain (where there was always that reply-to-all risk) and VoIP applications such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts have replaced paid voice calls.

So surely using WhatsApp, Telegram or another instant messaging application should become the norm within business scenarios?

I know my team at Discovered try to use WhatsApp as and when possible. Firstly and most importantly it's encrypted and secure, it can certainly reduce the time spent going back and forth on email, and it has the capability to send and receive documents, including CVs, job descriptions and in some cases employment offers.

But my question and thoughts lie that it is sometimes seen as too personal, after all, people tend to have a profile photo consisting of their family, or even themselves out partying rather than the professional one you'd find on LinkedIn, and will typically use this app to speak with friends and family.

Therefore, how do you feel about talking to your recruiter over WhatsApp, would you or do you prefer this to email, or is this something you’d rather keep for personal use?

I feel that this a good topic of discussion, as it's something we as a business are keen to use more often as we have found that it can speed up the whole recruitment process for both candidates and clients and keep the channel of communication far more open and responsive. However, we do also want to make sure we're not overstepping the line from a privacy perspective.