Ecommerce in MENA: Opportunity beyond the hype

Ecommerce in MENA: Opportunity beyond the hype

by Mark Carson


Insightful report from Google and Bain & Company. 

Key takeaways:

  • Ecommerce is the engine of global retail growth
  • MENA is entering the third phase of digital adoption
  • The market is at $8.3 billion today and estimated to reach $28.5 billion by 2022
  • The MENA consumer is ready for e-commerce
  • Online product selection is catching up
  • The MENA e-commerce market is relatively fragmented
  • Ecommerce pure players have won the first round, but the game is still on
  • Ecommerce is at different levels of development across core retail categories

Exciting times ahead!

Check out the full report here.