Tips for an improved LinkedIn profile

Tips for an improved LinkedIn profile

by Lauren Yates


LinkedIn is growing at an exponential rate; as of April this year, the platform has a huge 830 million users worldwide, 90 million of these are senior-level influencers and 63 million are in a decision-making position, making this platform the place to be to build connections and create opportunities.

Here are a few tips to build your personal brand on LinkedIn to really pack a punch and make an impact on future employers/clients.

A picture is worth a thousand words

First impressions count! Choosing the right profile picture is a game-changer on the platform. Ensure it’s a recent one, good quality lighting, use a bright background, dress like you are going for the interview and be sure to make eye contact with the camera. Capture mid-chest up and stand with your body slightly at an angle, remember to appear confident; that job is yours!

Include a background photo

The background of your profile will be the second visual that people see. Here’s your chance to showcase your personality/brand and stand out to future employers, and prospective clients. It could be something that shows your personality, a special time in your career or a memorable team photo.

Frontpage headline

Your headline doesn’t have to just state your job role. Use this section to present how you see your role, what you strive to achieve in this position or be more specific in what you do; if you are a Software Developer, you can add the technologies you use, bring your skills to the forefront of your profile.

Tell your story in the summary

This section is where the passion should lie! The summary is your chance to describe your skills, highlight success and show the world what you have to offer. Avoid listing job titles and focus more on explaining your past/present role, revealing your character and showing off your personality and true values. Be yourself and own it!

The key to a great profile

It’s important to have certain keywords throughout your profile for you to appear in searches. If you want to attract the right audience for you, finding out the keywords for your industry/profession is essential. Even if you are not currently looking for opportunities, it is still a great idea to be searchable and current and not lost in the mix. Use them as much as you can without overdoing it!

Education & Learning

Be sure to add your awards, achievement and certificates in- specifically those relevant to your industry.

Did you receive an award for something in your area of expertise? Have you completed various certifications that could put you in the lead for a position? Your hard work and past successes deserve to be recognized, let people know what you can do!


Another great way to show your skills; requesting recommendations from individuals/senior employees and clients that have worked with you previously can really enhance your profile and add value to it. It may also give you the edge to secure a future interview with a potential business professional.

Make yourself visible and accessible

Having an active profile will generate more interest and help you to appear in more LinkedIn feeds. By sharing relevant content, commenting on content, expressing your views and demonstrating your passion for your industry will help launch your profile to success. Take an active role in getting your brand out there!

Grow your network

This one is probably the most important aspect of LinkedIn. Connect with people in your industry, connect with their connections, find like-minded people and be productive, the greater your network the more chance you have of accomplishing your goal in the business industry and standing out from the crowded digital space.

Now it’s time to put these tips into practice, with each step you will be well on your way to a stronger, more compelling LinkedIn profile. Remember to be yourself, engage and be active! The opportunities that LinkedIn offers can be life-changing!