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From Essex to Dubai: Cameron's Journey

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​Meet Cameron, a sales professional from Essex, who at just 29 years old has an impressive 12 years of experience in the industry. His career path has spanned across various sectors, but for the past four to five years, he has found his niche in recruitment.

Cameron's primary focus is on top-tier candidates within direct sales, pre-sales, and customer success. His knack for identifying and recruiting high-performing talent is invaluable to technology businesses in their growth phase. Overall, Cameron's key goal is to help these companies find the very best talent that aligns with their mission and values.

So why relocate to Dubai?

Cameron sees it as an ideal spot for people of all ages, citing the fantastic lifestyle, the general friendliness of the people and most importantly, the vast opportunities it offers.

​Cameron secured himself a role with us at Discovered in May, although he wasn’t so sure about the move at first. When we first reached out to him, he advised that he wasn’t looking for a role but was open to listening. After (not so much) convincing he accepted and is thriving in his new environment. The start-up vibe might be a different beat to march to, but Cameron is finding it refreshing and invigorating.

Working in the recruitment sector across different markets - Australia, the UK, and now Dubai, has given Cameron a detailed view of the global industry landscape. When asked to compare the markets, he admitted that Dubai is a different pace compared to the European markets he had previously worked in. However, this in no way dampens his enthusiasm. For him, it translates to immense opportunity and potential for growth. During the Eid break, Cameron went out to meet clients for dinner at a fancy new restaurant downtown. He says ‘Although Dubai is different to my usual market a positive of this is that getting out and meeting people/client’s seems to be the norm here in comparison to UK. People are friendlier and willing to meet up. I’ve noticed there are so many events running in the city too for people to get connected. It’s not what you know but who.'

Prior to Dubai, Cameron spent four years in Australia (2016-2020), dedicating half of that time to recruitment. This experience proved to be invaluable, equipping him with the skills and insights to succeed in his current role and environment.

So, what's next on the horizon?

Cameron envisions a future where he advances to a Director level in his career. But it's not all work and no play for him. He also dreams of owning multiple properties and spending copious amounts of time on the golf course, adding a touch of leisure to his professional aspirations.

Cameron is currently working on a number of global roles you can check them out here. ​

Alternatively if you are hiring and would like some help, Cameron is the guy for the job.

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