Shakira Caffoor

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Shakira Caffoor
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Shakira Caffoor

Senior Talent Partner

Shakira is a competent Talent Partner, with over six years of experience in the United Kingdom, with the last couple dedicated to the UK's rapidly expanding data industry.

Having originally grown up in Saudi Arabia & the UAE, Shakira returned to Dubai in January 2023 to join Discovered as a Senior Talent Partner. With a passion for building and developing high-performing teams, she is now seeking to contribute her expertise to the growth of the UAE's Data and Analytics market. As a data-driven and people-focused professional, Shakira brings a unique blend of technical and interpersonal skills to the table. Her goal is to help organizations in the UAE find, retain, and grow the talent they need to succeed in the increasingly data-driven economy.

Experienced in placing Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Engineers, Analytics Managers, Data Analysts, Data Architects, Big Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Warehouse Managers and Data Visualization Specialists across AWS, Azure and GCP. She has experience working in partnership with start/scale-ups all the way through to larger consultancies and government bodies.

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