Senior Software Engineer – Backend

Senior Software Engineer – Backend

We’re currently partnered with a leading on-demand consumer platform that is launching a dedicated engineering team here in Dubai. They’re seeking a talented Senior Software Engineer who has a real passion for technology, building cool products and assisting others with leading-edge practices that will help them succeed. They need someone who understands product requirements and can provide technical expertise for all products as required, and to assist in analyzing, designing, testing and structuring the required solutions to deliver high-quality working software based on the business needs and standards.


- Keep abreast of the latest software development methodologies
- Analyze products in order to understand engineering requirements
- Evaluate technical feasibility, estimate efforts and provide the required solutions whilst collaborating with the Product Team
- Help build development components and manage the programming of different solution components in order to transform the requirements into actual working software accurately
- Investigate and resolve issues and bugs through patches and other means
- Work with other colleagues in order to help each other in code reviews and deliver code review reports accordingly
- Carry out functional and module testing to ensure the functionality of delivered solutions
- Monitor, evaluate and report on product development and recommend improvements where required
- Help with user trials and acceptance testing

Key Skills:

- Hands-on experience using Ruby libraries
- Software Engineering Best Practices
- Understanding of object-oriented programming
- Knowledge in Software Architecture and Design Patterns & Agile Software Development Methodologies
- Understanding of cloud environment, CI/CD, testing and validation
- Independently applies design patterns and best practices in reliability management (resiliency, autoscaling, monitoring, alerting)
- Knowledge of relational databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL
- Experience in CI/CD implementation
- Hands-on experience with Unix environment(s)
- Hands-on experience using Docker & Kubernetes
- Hands-on experience using Java & GoLang
- Bachelor's Degree in IT, Computer Science, MIS, or Software Development is required
- Master's degree in a relevant field is preferred.