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Are you ready for the future?

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The Metaverse is knocking on our doors, scratch that, it’s punching and kicking the doors down and changing our lives forever. Remember the time when companies didn’t need to hire social media professionals? It simply wasn’t a thing over a decade ago, but that is now changing at a rapid pace, social media is here to stay! Jobs are being created in building Web3 technologies, metaverse and much more; you hear it daily, famous brand after brand has been injecting NFT’s or some kind of virtual reality into their business models and it’s only just beginning… now the question is are you ready to put the me in metaverse?


Whether you are a metaverse maniac or are still in wonder about Web3, if you are in the creative agency/digital marketing sector, you will need to know what’s coming and how it will affect your business overall. The metaverse is expected to reach $5 trillion in value by the end of this decade; people are investing heavily, financial services have started to move towards the metaverse and cryptocurrency is stepping up and becoming a fundamental part of the digital world.


Where are you going to start? How are you developing the skills required for the new digital world? Proper preparation prevents poor performance- this doesn’t have to be the case for you!


Preparation is key for the new digital era, and companies are deciding sooner rather than later what part they would like to play in the metaverse. You can:

- Seek out CRM platforms and databases that integrate with your other applications, finding analytics software will be a valuable insight for your people. You can check out the best platforms here

- If you already understand the metaverse you can look into becoming something of an expert in the matter adopting the new technologies and standing out from the crowd

- You can offer experiences to your customers by using outsourcing agencies to assist with the process and help your team transition to the new Web3 technologies.

- Use/create digital tokens like NFT’s to open doors to the digital space

- Bring diverse voices to the projects, not just tech experts but other employees that understand human behaviours and characteristics to ensure you create a metaverse space to cater to all 


There are a few other ways in which businesses can be prepared for the inevitable; some companies already have a good understanding of the metaverse and have begun to invest in the likes of Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, ready to offer this as an alternative payment when the time comes. The metaverse can allow you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time in a virtual world. This will be crucial for business communication inside and outside of the company for organizing meetings, employee training and various collaborations.  

There are different types of platforms in the metaverse, depending on what you are looking to achieve/target audience but most mainly fall between entertainment, gaming and NFT’s categories. Users can interact, play games, host meetings in a virtual world, engage in real-life activities and more. Developing an AR or VR application to get your customers interacting with your brand in the digital world could be another good way to start.


While there is no way to be sure how the metaverse will play out, companies will need to respond to the expectations of their consumers sooner rather than later. The metaverse will enable users to seamlessly move between worlds to work smarter, play better communicate faster and overall enhance human experience! Which path will you go down?

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