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The Value of an Expert Talent Partner

​Here is the ugly truth. ​HR managers and business owners have bigger fish to fry than sifting through an overwhelming number of applications, especially when the vast majority don't quite fit the...

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Regrettable Recruiting - The Consequences of a Bad Hire

​Do you know the real cost of a bad hire? So, the new hire hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Actually…far from it. Okay, you’ve made a mistake, it’s not the end of the world, no biggie, you...

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Discovered Uncovered Episode 2: Exploring the Mind of a VP of Design & Experience

Discovered Uncovered Episode 2 is here with our amazing special guest Batsi Madzonga, Head of Design & Experience at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, who will reveal the secrets to standing out in the desig...

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It's okay not to be okay!

​Your mental health is way more important than your career will ever be. ​There, I said it. Something that we all often forget but without our health where would we be? ​Sometimes, we (or our empl...

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Does Your Brand Have Personality?

​What comes to your mind when you think of Lamborghini? I’m sure the answer is quite similar for us all: elite, luxury, quality, fast. ​Happy. Strong. Serious. Stylish. Passionate. We all have a br...

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Motivation Vs Discipline

​Have you ever wondered how successful individuals find the motivation to achieve their goals or how they seem to master the art of time management in their daily routine?​It's a common question. M...

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Moving to Dubai: Your Complete Guide

Let’s be honest, moving to a new country can be pretty daunting. ​It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin. We often hear questions like, "Is it even possible f...

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The Importance of a Strong Onboarding Process

As a start-up company, we have learnt over the years just how important it is to nail the onboarding process. According to a survey by Careerbuilder and Silkroad Technology, 1 in 10 employees have ...

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How To Prepare For Your Remote Interview

Do you find remote video interviews to be quite daunting?It’s not always easy feeling comfortable on camera and that can often be reflected in the interview. Face-to-face meetings allow the ability...

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Dubai - An Active Lifestyle

Christmas has been and gone and it’s that ‘in-between’ time of year, the end of winter and beginning of spring, those bitterly cold mornings and dark rainy evenings are showing slight improvements....

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Ramadan in the UAE 2023

Is this your first Ramadan in the UAE?As ex-pats, we should be aware of the significance, take time to learn about the customs, traditions and plan our schedules accordingly.Here are a few tips to ...

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Tips for your UX Portfolio

In a market that has shown tremendous growth over the past few years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down soon, UX Designers really need to be best prepared to help land that dream job they’...

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