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Top 10 areas to live in Abu Dhabi

​Before we beginYou are relocating to Abu Dhabi!Exciting times are ahead, however, there's a crucial decision to make – where should you call home?If you are still very much up in the air regarding...

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Stocks and Shares – Know the Difference

​If you’ve recently started a new job and find terms like ESOP, RSU and phantom shares in your employment contract, you might be feeling a little baffled. Don't worry! You're not alone. We guar...

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The Undeniable Impact Personal Branding Has on Your Success!

Introduction‘Yes, personal branding may work for some people. But it’s not for me!’ or ‘I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll leave it for the time being.’ Sound familiar? If you think your skills ...

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How To Become Seriously Good At Networking

​Event season is upon us in the UAE, and the excitement of networking is in the air. But what if you're feeling more dread than delight? From huge tech events like GITEX to small business ga...

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From Hire to Retire: Creating an Environment Where Employees Stay

​Securing the appropriate talent for a position is challenging enough, but retaining those employees is an entirely different ball game. When an employee's passion begins to fade, their engagement ...

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Cost Of Living For Expats In Abu Dhabi 2023

​You may have seen our articles on the cost of living for Dubai and Saudi Arabia too. With job opportunities coming in faster than a Formula 1 car racing around Yas Marina Circuit, we thought i...

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The Value of an Expert Talent Partner

​Here is the ugly truth. ​HR managers and business owners have bigger fish to fry than sifting through an overwhelming number of applications, especially when the vast majority don't quite fit the...

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Regrettable Recruiting - The Consequences of a Bad Hire

​Do you know the real cost of a bad hire? So, the new hire hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Actually…far from it. Okay, you’ve made a mistake, it’s not the end of the world, no biggie, you...

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Discovered Uncovered Episode 2: Exploring the Mind of a VP of Design & Experience

Discovered Uncovered Episode 2 is here with our amazing special guest Batsi Madzonga, Head of Design & Experience at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, who will reveal the secrets to standing out in the desig...

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It's okay not to be okay!

​Your mental health is way more important than your career will ever be. ​There, I said it. Something that we all often forget but without our health where would we be? ​Sometimes, we (or our empl...

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Does Your Brand Have P

Does Your Brand Have Personality?

​What comes to your mind when you think of Lamborghini? I’m sure the answer is quite similar for us all: elite, luxury, quality, fast. ​Happy. Strong. Serious. Stylish. Passionate. We all have a br...

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Motivation Vs Discipline

​Have you ever wondered how successful individuals find the motivation to achieve their goals or how they seem to master the art of time management in their daily routine?​It's a common question. M...

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