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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi- A Life In The Capital

Stunning architecture of the modern world- ✔️A charismatic culture- ✔️A large thriving multicultural expat community- ✔️Abu Dhabi- the list doesn’t stop there…One of the richest, most opulent citie...

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Moving to Dubai: Your Complete Guide

Let’s be honest, moving to a new country can be pretty daunting. ​It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin. We often hear questions like, "Is it even possible f...

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What it's like to be a female expat living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Stepping off a plane with a one-way ticket in hand can be daunting for any female, especially a 22-year-old travelling alone to Dubai. As a first-time visitor and soon-to-be resident, I had no idea...

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Discovered: Uncovered Episode #1 - From Sand To Skyline, Making Dubai Your Home

​Our very first Discovered Podcast is here!We are thrilled to announce the release of the first episode of our new podcast, Discovered: Uncovered 🎙️In our first episode, hosted by Nathan Edwards, A...

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Saudi Arabia - your next life-changing adventure

Sitting on the fence about making a move to Saudi Arabia?You are right to wonder what awaits you in the Desert Kingdom, it could be a very big lifestyle change for many, but the only way to know fo...

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Cost of Living For Expats in Saudi Arabia 2023

Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia  Following our latest blog on relocating to Saudi Arabia, it seemed only fitting to break down the cost of living in the most popular cities in The Kingdom too. If yo...

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Cost Of Living For Expats In Dubai 2023

Cost of Living for expats in Dubai 2023​I think we can all agree that by now everyone has heard of the limitless benefits of living in Dubai, after all a city that boasts plenty of progressive oppo...

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What the new UAE laws mean for you...

As widely reported, the UAE government has embarked on one of the biggest overhauls of the legal system in years, with big changes to family law and other areas affecting people’s daily lives in th...

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