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How to Prevent Job Burnout in 2023

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Trouble sleeping? Increased anxiety? Loss of appetite? Difficulty concentrating?

A recent survey in the UAE found 92% of employees experienced at least one symptom of burnout! Residents reported that feeling drained/tired was the main symptom along with feeling more pressure at work. Alongside this, the UAE is still ranked positively in other areas such as quality of life and a secure job market. So, if other aspects of life in Dubai are positive, what can we do to help manage job burnout?

Recovery Time is Key

Pushing yourself to the limit can be counterproductive and quite frankly overwhelming. Stress, overwork and a packed-out schedule can often lead to burnout. In turn, this can impact your mental health and be detrimental to your work. Forcing yourself to take regular breaks, will not only help to increase your focus and improve productivity but also help to relieve stress resulting in better job satisfaction.

It’s also important to invest in your emotional well-being and find a work/life balance. Don't keep everything bottled up: talk to people, family andfriends or employees that may feel in a similar position/have overcome burnout.

On the Management side: Address issues that arise on a weekly/monthly basis, hold individual team member meetings to check in with employees and offer support when required.

Evaluate Your Options

Is it time to ask about a promotion? Are you ready for a new challenge?

It may be time to take control of your schedule and make some changes to rediscover what it is that you really want to achieve, whether that be a new career path, a job in a different department or just shifting focus to the parts of your role that you enjoy- it's time to weigh up your options and take control!


·   Recognise if your role feels overly demanding or unchallenging

·  Focus on how your role helps others- knowing that your contribution counts can impact your mental health positively

·   Don't put too much pressure on yourself

·  Take time to think about your goal and dreams

Prioritize Your Sleep

Getting a consistent, good night's sleep can improve knowledge, learning and memory as well as improves cognitive performance. Losing just a few hours of sleep can be destructive to your career progression and job fulfilment. It can also result in accidents at the workplace.

Aim to:

·   Reduce caffeine intake after lunch

·   Reduce screen time before bed

·  Encourage relaxation activities e.g read, meditate, listen to music

·   Go to bed at a consistent time each day

·   Avoid eating large meals before bedtime

Exercise Is A Powerful Tool

Exercise can definitely help with burnout. It may feel like the last thing you want to do when you feel low but is one of the best things for your mental health and can improve your mood drastically, decrease anxiety and increase motivation

Things to try:

·   A 10-minute walk during your lunch break

·    Exercising outdoors has been proven to have greater mental health benefits

·    Eat a balanced diet to really combat burnout

·    Create a plan you can stick to

·    Exercise with a friend

·    Cardiovascular exercises can help your brain recover from mental exhaustion

Burnout is a gradual process. The signs of burnout start out subtly but can worsen as time goes on and if you continue to push through them.

It is possible to overcome burnout and feel healthy and happy again.

This is your reminder to: RECOGNISE- warning signs REVERSE- signs by managing stress and having a support network RESILIENCE- look after your physical and mental health.


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