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Ramadan in the UAE 2023

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Is this your first Ramadan in the UAE?

As ex-pats, we should be aware of the significance, take time to learn about the customs, traditions and plan our schedules accordingly.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the Holy Month in the UAE

Let's make the most of this month and embrace the local culture.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Known as the Holy Month, it is a time for Muslims to come together worldwide to fast, pray, spend time with loved ones and support people in need.
During Ramadan, Muslims will avoid eating and drinking from dusk to dawn. Iftar is the evening meal where they will break their daily fast.

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan is expected to begin on March 23 - April 21 but exact dates will be confirmed by the moon-sighting committee closer to the time.
Eid Al Fitr holiday will begin shortly after and is likely to fall April 20 - April 23.

Etiquette in the UAE

Non-muslim residents and tourists must follow these rules during the holy month:

  • Do not eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke in public during fasting hours

  • No swearing or aggressive behaviour

  • Do not play music or dance in public (earphones are accepted)

  • Wear appropriate clothing in public

  • Accept food/gifts when offered during Iftar

Things to remember

  • Working hours in the private & public sector will be reduced

  • Support your colleagues that may be fasting

  • Embrace this time for reflection and celebration

  • Be sure to check out some of the amazing Iftar buffets around the UAE