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Dubai - An Active Lifestyle

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Christmas has been and gone and it’s that ‘in-between’ time of year, the end of winter and beginning of spring, those bitterly cold mornings and dark rainy evenings are showing slight improvements.
With the weather in most countries still making it difficult to want to do outdoor sporting activities, it’s hard to keep up with new year’s resolutions of becoming more active.
Arriving from work, wrapping up on the sofa, not wanting to leave the comfort and warmth of your home to get cold and wet outside. Again.
That’s how I used to feel in the North of England.
Endlessly cold.

Always getting stuck in that ‘fine rain that soaks you through’.

I was an avid gym go-er but anything else fell by the wayside. To be honest, it felt like there really wasn’t much to do other than drive to the local gym.

Before moving to Dubai, I knew three things. 1) It was going to be hot 2) There were going to be a lot of beaches, restaurants and nightlife and 3) I’d be doing a lot of travelling.

What I didn’t know before relocating to Dubai was just how many activities, sports clubs and fitness events are on offer around the city on a weekly/daily/hourly basis. You can try your hand at anything, any day of the week, at any location and you’ll be guaranteed to meet some like-minded people there too! There’s a team for just about anything: football, Gaelic football, rowing, paddle tennis, hiking, women's (and men's) golf, horse riding, water sports, all types of dance, you name it, Dubai has a club for it!

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things seems to be the norm here, from beginner’s classes to advanced, every club and class I have been to so far has been welcoming and friendly. Many ex-pats use activities as a way to socialize here and find their ‘community’. The only problem is, it’s hard not to get the bug and want to go to everything every day.

It doesn’t just stop at sports either. There are plenty of creative classes, painting on canvas, bottle painting, flower arranging, pottery etc the list goes on.

It feels like it’s just the beginning for this active city!

Over time more and more famous sporting events are being hosted in Dubai. This year the following major events have/will be taking place: Dubai World Cup (horse racing), Tennis Championships (currently), Desert Classic & DP World Tour Championship (golf), Dubai Sevens (rugby), Dubai marathon and DP World International League T20 (cricket).

Our team at Discovered have really embraced this action-packed city with ten of the lads playing football together every Tuesday after work. We have Duane practising for flight club, boxing three times a week, Chelyn doing Tour de Dubai cycling most mornings, Asher, Jamie and Arvin Schwarzenegger pumping iron every day, the big bosses playing golf on a regular basis and myself salsa dancing, taking golf lessons and even playing football. Ten of the team recently participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, walking ten thousand steps daily for thirty days.

Whether you are relocating alone or with family, you will notice the buzzing energy of Dubai. My friends back at home in the UK often comment ‘you are always out doing random activities’ and honestly I wouldn’t change it! Dubai has given me a new, more active lease of life and a chance to make some great friendships along the way.

If you are thinking about relocating or are just keen for more information at this time on the city and life here, please contact me or any one of our team, we would love to help.