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How To Prepare For Your Remote Interview

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Do you find remote video interviews to be quite daunting?
It’s not always easy feeling comfortable on camera and that can often be reflected in the interview. Face-to-face meetings allow the ability to read someone's body language and non-verbal communication and capture their enthusiasm/lack of which can be a big giveaway as to how well things are going in an interview.
In recent years many businesses have moved towards video interviewing, with more and more using this method at some stage in their recruitment process. Many feel that it has lots of advantages: less time being wasted, better logistics, an easier approach to recruiting, a quicker hiring process etc.

With over 90% of the Middle East workforce population being ex-pats- virtual interviews are usually the only option.

However you may feel about video interviewing, it is always a good idea to be as prepared as possible!

Here are some tips to help streamline the process.

‘Congratulations. Your application has been successful and you have been invited for an initial interview- a video call.’ Excellent! First things first:

• Do your research before the interview (not during- they will hear you typing)- have a look at their website/LinkedIn page to help understand the culture and values of the company. Check what’s involved in the role that you have applied for and practice some questions that they may have around it. Read through any notes or guidance that your Talent Partner has given you beforehand, this is crucial as they will have a deeper understanding of what the HR/recruiter will be looking for

• Check the time and date of your interview, especially if you are in different time zones. It’s not uncommon that a recruiter has been waiting for a candidate who thought the interview was earlier/later. Is it 11 AM their time or yours?

• Make sure you have the software needed for the interview. This could lead to unnecessary last-minute panicking if you thought the interview was on Skype and it’s actually on Zoom. Have it installed and ready to go

• Find the perfect place to hold the interview. Is it noisy? Does the background look presentable and clean? Does the room have an excellent Wi-Fi connection? Taking these small but necessary things into consideration can make you look professional and feel relaxed on the day. One less thing to worry about!

• Wearing headphones is important during a virtual job interview as it will ensure that you can hear the recruiter clearly, which in turn will allow you to answer their questions with confidence. Use headphones that you know work well and are fully charged if wireless

You are fully prepped and ready to succeed. The night before the interview:

• Get enough rest to ensure that you feel on top of your game. Feeling tired will make it harder to answer questions quickly and effectively

• Prepare your clothes- look professional and have everything ready so that you can utilize the time spent ironing to continue your research. Has there been any key events or recent news about the company? Use this time wisely

• Have your questions ready- remember it’s a two-way interview and your chance to get to know more about the role/company and decide whether it is right for you

On the day:

• Be ready earlier than your scheduled interview, this will not only show that you are punctual but can also help to avoid any last-minute distractions if for example, your internet connection is down or the software isn’t loading

• Check that you have a full battery on your laptop

• Turn off any notifications that may pop up during the interview

• Look into the camera when speaking and use appropriate body language

• Be yourself!

You can be completely organized and prepared and something may still pop up on the day, life happens and people are usually understanding.
By using these tips, you can do everything you possibly can to ensure the interview runs as smoothly as possible. Remember to relax, be professional and let your personality shine through!

If you would like further advice please speak to our Talent team today, they would love to help you secure the role for you!