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Motivation Vs Discipline

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​Have you ever wondered how successful individuals find the motivation to achieve their goals or how they seem to master the art of time management in their daily routine?

​It's a common question. Many of us struggle to find the drive to accomplish our biggest aspirations. We start off with enthusiasm, ready to hit the ground running on Monday, but by mid-week, life's distractions can extinguish that initial spark of hope and leave us feeling a bit deflated. It happens.
​So what's the key difference between those who succeed and those who stall?

The answer lies in the power of discipline. While motivation is the driving force behind our actions, discipline is what keeps us moving forward towards our goals, long after the initial excitement fades away. It's the daily habits, routines and hard work that hurl us towards success, even when we don't feel like it. Discipline eats motivation for breakfast!

​Let’s say, for example, you work in recruitment and face challenges in the Business Development aspect of your role. It can be difficult to put yourself out there and face repeated rejection, which can do more than dampen your motivation. But landing the perfect client requires more than just one attempt. With discipline and perseverance on your side, you can keep pushing until the breakthrough moment arrives. It isn’t easy but with each rejection, you can learn from it, adapt, try a different approach and grow, making it much easier to dust the ‘no’s off your shoulder and keep striving towards your goal.

Before you know it, your persistence and hard work will pay off.

​The ‘I really can’t be bothered today, but I know I’m going to get it done anyway’ mindset.

​A lot of successful people sometimes don’t feel motivated to do the needful. They’d probably much rather be binge-watching Netflix or lounging on a beach somewhere, but they have ingrained the mindset that certain actions are essential, regardless of how they feel in the moment. Just do it (as a popular sports brand would say). They build habits that carry them through the tough times, ultimately leading to their continued success. A bit like brushing your teeth- you might not always feel like doing it but it’s a habit you have formed to keep healthy!

​So, when it comes to achieving success, which one is actually more important - motivation or discipline?

​While motivation is undoubtedly essential, discipline is the MVP. It's the force that takes you to places where motivation alone cannot. By cultivating discipline and committing to the daily grind, you'll be amazed at how much progress you can make towards achieving your goals.

That sounds great- where do I sign up?

​It starts with building a habit. We are all creatures of habit. By practicing the beneficial habit required for success each day, our brain rewires and because we repeat it, we devote less conscious brain to it until it eventually becomes instinctive.

​Don’t set yourself up for failure.

​Circumstances surrounding us can lead us to negative self-talk, procrastination and a lack of progress. Cut yourself some slack- training yourself takes time.

Break your larger goals into smaller ones and celebrate the little wins! If your goal is to be more organized on your work-from-home days create a schedule that allows you to prioritize your projects. Allocate time for the most important and urgent tasks. Use productivity tools and apps to help you stay on track, project management software, to-do list apps or good old pen and paper works well too! Before you know it, it’ll be second nature. If you do find that you have skipped a day, let it just be that one day and get back on it the next day.

​Lastly, it's important to continue with your goals even when faced with disappointment. Let’s say you worked extremely hard for a leadership position and were overlooked. It’s going to take discipline to continue working for the employer, giving it your all while feeling a lack of motivation.

It's crucial to remember that setbacks and failures are not the end of the road. Instead, they provide an opportunity for growth and improvement. By persevering and pushing through the challenges, you'll develop resilience and character, which will serve you well in all aspects of life.

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