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Does Your Brand Have Personality?

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What comes to your mind when you think of Lamborghini? I’m sure the answer is quite similar for us all: elite, luxury, quality, fast.

Happy. Strong. Serious. Stylish. Passionate. We all have a brand that we look at and boom! We immediately recognize and know exactly how it makes us feel. Certain companies have mastered the art of branding to such an extent that people may not even genuinely like their products, yet they feel compelled to purchase them due to the immense hype generated on social media.

If you want your brand to leave a lasting impression, it needs a human touch. It needs characteristics that appeal to your target market.

Just like how we all have specific traits that attract us to people or to companies, your audience/customers need the same from you. By infusing personality into your brand, you humanize it and elevate it above the crowded market.

When it comes to your brand personality, consistency is key. A strong, clear brand can result in an ever-lasting impression and forge meaningful connections. Take Coca-Cola, approx. 94% of the global population immediately recognizes their iconic logo, the vibrant red colour, the comforting familiarity and the inclusivity- these elements contribute to its ever-lasting appeal.

Your brand is a promise to your customer.

Businesses that build a personality are seen as reliable and knowledgeable. They focus on top-quality products and services.

So, who are you targeting?

Firstly, you will need to build a strong set of core values. This will shape who you are and what your brand represents. A clear mission statement will help people understand the purpose of your business. Take Nike’s mission statement ‘to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world’. Nike’s commitment to this statement is the driving force behind the company’s incredible success.

Next up, you’ll want to find out about your audience, do some research about what they like and dislike. What matters to them, do they prefer quality or affordability?

The more you can find out about your customer the easier it will be to build a personality to suit.

Set the tone and style

You want to be recognized instantly. Colour increases brand recognition by 80%. You see blue and yellow together and automatically know it's IKEA. A particular dark green and white colour or a green straw– ah yes, it must be Starbucks! Studies show that blue is common in tech and black is popular for luxury. Alongside the colour palette be sure to choose your font, imagery and logo for your brand.

Is your brand the same on your website and socials?

The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience. Nail your style and stick to it! If you've established a distinct tone of voice, especially as a new business, it's crucial to maintain consistency. Take a look at Nandos for example, with their entertaining, cheeky and slightly defiant tone. They adopt a stand-up comedian approach, connecting with their audience and staying on top of current affairs. They keep it consistent across the board, on their socials, their advertising and even their napkins!

And lastly

As your business grows and changes, you may need to adapt and adjust your brand to stay current. Be sure to continuously monitor and research to find out what’s working and what’s not. Test, learn and try again!

Remember: Developing a memorable brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to create hype and build trust but once you’ve reached that stage, you are on to a winner!

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