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A WILD Event

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​Our female colleagues returned from last week's WILD (Women In Leadership Deliver) event energized and inspired. The concept: Enabling Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the workplace so we may all THRIVE.

Hosted at the Hilton on The Palm Jumeirah, this event provided an opportunity to engage with an impressive roster of female leaders. Each speaker shared personal tales of triumph, along with their strategies for overcoming daily challenges that women commonly face.

The panel were inspiring figures, uplifting the women in the room, even when they themselves have once been uncertain about the path ahead. They gave solutions to problems in the workplace and how they believe that financial independency as well as passion and self-belief are key for women to succeed.

They explained how to work at success and invest in yourself, how success isn’t over night and there’s a lot to be learned along the way, but with determination and persistence you can reach all of your goals.

The event saw around 70 participants, each sharing their unique leadership perspectives and practical guidance, all while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Following the main event, Emma Burnett, the Founder & CEO of WILD, led a workshop focused on empowering women to speak up fearlessly. She emphasized the importance of pursuing our aspirations confidently, asserting that knowledge is power. Her key message was to dispel worries and embrace a proactive approach to life and work.

(And of course to stay wild).

Stay tuned for our team updates at more events across the GCC.