Application Security Architect

Application Security Architect

We’re currently partnered with a leading technology consultancy who are scaling their tech team.

They offer a diverse work environment that provides services in the UAE, impacting millions of lives. We're currently helping them search for an Application Security Architect to join their ever-growing team. 


- In-depth knowledge of elliptic-curve cryptography, threshold signature schemes, Secure Multi-party computation
- secp256k1, Ed25519, X25519, SHA2, SHA3, Blake3, ECDSA, Argon2
- Pallier cryptosystem, Damgard-Jurik cryptosystem
- Solid understanding of cryptographic techniques 
- BBS+ signatures, k-anonymity, authenticated encryption, message authentication codes (MACs), zero-knowledge proofs, private information retrieval
- C/C++/Java/Rust/Go Knowledge
- Knowledge with post-quantum cryptography
- Experience with key management systems and best practices - AWS KMS/Keycloak
- Experience with hardware security modules (HSMs), iOS secure enclave, AWS HMS
- Knowledge and experience with standards from bodies like NIST (FIPS, AAL) and RSA (PKCS)
- Understanding of PKI, PGP - cryptographic certificates
- Experience with identity- and role-based access control management; authentication and authorization protocols
- Practical experience with implementation of cryptographic primitives
- Expert in terms of secure design (constant time, operational security, management of key material)

If you feel this sounds like you, please get in touch!