Senior Flutter Engineer

Posted 11 October 2023
Salary 35-38K AED p/m and benefits
Job type Permanent
Discipline Software Engineering
Contact NameOstap Shvayka

Job description

​Engineering Culture

We love finding new ways to shorten the feedback loops, create together and make an impact. To do so, our engineering culture and practices are based on eXtreme Programming (XP), Domain-Driven Design, Lean and Continuous Delivery.

We believe that the assumption behind the “Speed vs Quality” mindset is flawed and that you can both have your cake and eat it too. For us, quality enables speed. Not in 2 years, but now.

Co-creating together with others through Pair and Mob programming helps us deliver more value sooner and find joy in our work by seeking productive human connections with others.

We find that engineers seeking to understand our product and business better understand the context of their work, which helps them to innovate, deliver more value to their customers and find more purpose in their work.

Role summary:

  • Alongside your cross-functional team (engineering, product, data), participate in continuous discovery of your customer/business needs/desires/problems to drive desired outcomes

  • Design, write and release software as a solution to an end-to-end problem in your business domain and deliver value in small batches in accordance with our engineering standards

  • Understand the scalability & complexity of your services and own & innovate the entire SDLC

  • Mentor and inspire other engineers and continually optimize your team’s practices to develop it into a self-organized, continuously improving unit

  • Critically question and simplify our tech org systems/processes and solutions


On top of very good technical skills, this role requires someone willing to assume end-to-end ownership of a specific area/initiative and thrives on emphasizing with their user pains/desires/needs. You are keen to explore alternative ways of working that optimize for co-creation and continuous improvement.

Role Requirements:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Humble, curious, and open-minded with a growth mindset, thriving on continuous feedback

  • Empathetic and able to easily build relationships.

  • Understanding of lean/agile values & principles and associated practices.

  • Ability to mentor other engineers.

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience, preferably within Extreme Programming environment (TDD, Pair Programming, Simple Design, and Continuous Refactoring).

  • 2+ years of software development with Flutter (using Dart).

  • Strong understanding of the Flutter ecosystem, including State Management, DI, and Testing framework (Unit,Widget/Integration tests).

  • Good understanding of the Native mobile development life cycle including iOS & Android-specific application development (Kotlin/Java & Swift/Objective-C and well-know application frameworks).

  • Proficient in testing with focus on automated end to end quality.

  • Strong familiarity with the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends/emerging tech.

  • Familiar with Analytics and A/B testing tools.

  • Proficiency with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools and techniques to keep the development branch always in a releasable state.

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