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Ram's Journey Back to Dubai

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​Hey Ram, Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Ram, 28, from Leicester but have been living in Manchester for 6.5 years and lived in London for a year too. I’ve been in HR/Recruitment for the last 5 years and 3 years in a Tech and Digital agency in Manchester where I supported clients across the Midlands scaling out their Product and Project management teams with ambitious individuals. I’m also a MASSIVE foodie - cooking, trying new restaurants, hosting, you name it! I also love travelling, boxing, ice baths (eek!), long walks, reading, making new friends.  

What made you think of Dubai as an option to relocate? 

I lived here 15 years ago, remember loving it (despite being only 13 at the time!) and my god has it changed! I actually came back from a solo trip to Argentina at the start of the year and realized I wanted to push myself and move abroad somewhere. I also thought if I don’t do it now, there’ll always be something holding me back. Aimee Glendenning posted on her LinkedIn about the perk of being able to work remotely for 3 months out of the year and I was sold! I was also sick of looking at how much I had been taxed every month, it never gets easier looking at that number. I love being abroad, being able to be in the sun 24/7, meet new people, I guess just make somewhere “unfamiliar”, a really familiar place eventually. The restaurants, deals for ladies (bonus), variety and diversity in things to do out here is amazing too – so much to pick depending on the mood.

How are you settling into your role at Discovered?

Settling in well, everyone has been so nice and welcoming. Definitely different to the previous recruitment agency I was at, which was all I’d ever known. Mark and John give you so much autonomy to manage your desk however suits you which is great as everyone works so differently and can play to their strengths. I also love that there is such an encouragement to go and network all the time and going to industry relevant events is something that is valued here – where I feel most in my element! You can’t beat some face to face time, especially in Product.

How are you finding the market in Dubai in comparison UK? 

Definitely different – it feels like there is a lower agile maturity across the region and also some coaching to be done with clients/candidates to get them up to a speed that the UK/US/Asia is with Agile and Product. That being said, it’s an opportunity to bring some expertise to the table and really be an extension to these businesses and really get that conversation as open as possible. I love relationship building and I love the fact that networking is huge out here – feels like you get to know the community really well from all the conversations, meetings and events.

What does the future look like? 

From a professional perspective, I’d love to be the “go to” Agile and Product recruiter in the region, where I’ve built some strong, long-term clients. I look forward to Product Tank growing out even more and growing the Product community with even more expats.

From a personal perspective, I’d love to save save save as much as possible over the next few years as I definitely see myself being in Dubai for a long time. That being said, I want to soak up the life in Dubai and enjoy every single day – whilst staying balanced of course because that’s where I’m at my best!

If you are in the Agile & Product space either hiring or looking for positions, contact Ram today -

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