Level Up

Quality Assurance Engineer (Remote)

Quality Assurance Engineer (Remote)

Level Up. in partnership with Improbable is seeking a Quality Assurance Engineer.

At Improbable, they believe that the next revolution in entertainment and society will come from massive virtual worlds. They will create new economies and opportunities globally, changing how we play and work and relate to each other. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to build the next generation of technologies for online multi-user games and simulations.
At Improbable, you would be surrounded by people who want to improve everything and everyone around them and compel you to improve yourself. They’re motivated by the fulfilment of solving hard problems to achieve something profound and transformative.

Your mission

As a Quality Assurance Engineer embedded in a feature development team, you will lead the quality strategy, implement any testing requirements based on the feature/system in development, acting as the team’s testing expert and mentor. Your relentlessly high standards will enable teams to test, release and operate their products quickly, reliably, repeatedly, and safely.
You will put in place feedback loops to keep your team informed of the quality of their products throughout the SDLC and work closely with customers to understand their requirements and implement solutions.

Areas For Impact

- With your passion for quality, you will act to measure, improve, and maintain product quality and reliability.
- Able to implement automated tests, establish workflow/pipelines, and refine existing code/process/systems to improve the product or process quality.
- Helping to grow a best-in-class Quality organisation, developing and mentoring the talent that we hire.
- Educate teams on the software development best practices via consultancy, communities of practice and bottom-up grassroots practices. 
- Mentoring developers and more junior testers in building testing and integration practices.
- You’ll utilise your strong communications skills to influence best practices across multiple teams Playing a significant role in helping teams develop solutions to create a more robust automated testing environment.
- Bringing cloud environment experience, you’ll champion quality and testing best practices at scale.
- Working closely with our customers to help foster a culture of customer empathy within teams when developing solutions.
- Analyse and define quality metrics for teams and identify trends to suggest potential fixes in order to improve quality and reduce future defects.

We'd like to hear from you if you identify with the following:

- Background in developing new processes in order to improve product quality
- Experience with creating reports and tracking the health of projects over time
- Experience working across multiple teams
- Experience writing automated tests
- Experience building documentation and guidance for your teammates
- Bias towards automated testing, but recognise and act when manual testing is required
- You understand that quality means more than just testing
- Reviewing design proposals, acceptance criteria and processes and recommending improvement
- Push quality assurance efforts upstream in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), where discovering and fixing defects is cheaper
- A passion for fostering a culture of quality in your team
- Experienced with networking services (i.e. Kubernetes, Google GCP or Amazon AWS).Experience creating test plans and strategies to highlight resourcing requirements, product risks and contingency plans
- Experience in testing in production - utilizing telemetry, monitoring, customer feedback and other methods to determine product quality post-release
- Experience in programming or scripting languages such as Go or Typescript
- Experience in the game development process
- Experience in using any game engine testing tools or familiar with developing testing levels as a testing mechanism